Community Caring Center of Greater Boynton Beach, Inc. 

    "Creating A Healthier Community" Initiative    

We are proud to be a sponsor of the Youth Entrepreneurship & 
Business Plan Competition

2015 Business Plan Competition & Graduation, July 29th

We were so happy to have partnered with Global Business Development Center this summer for the Youth Entrepreneurship & Business Plan Competition. This amazing group of young people worked as interns with various businesses through out the summer while working on developing their own business plans. 

Congratulations, Annette Gray on a job well done! 

2015 Incubator "Graduation" Event June 10th

Thank you to International Enterprise & Development "IED" for your partnership and wonderful staff who provided excellent technical assistance to all 27 small businesses that participated. 

Sponsored by AmTrust,  PNC and the Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency.


A Culinary Incubator program for small business called the Secret Garden Café
The CCC d/b/a Secret Garden Cafe, a Culinary Incubator Program is a unique 3,000 sq ft, 48-seat Restaurant/ Market/ Deli/ Bakery/ Catering facility that offers shared usage of a commercial kitchen and retail market space to “would-be” entrepreneurs and/or existing businesses. An incubator program provides a shared space to small businesses to practice their trade, and technical assistance in a nurturing atmosphere that assist small businesses develop, called incubator clients, to develop their business concept. Once clients become independent businesses they can become part of the Market Cooperative, a model that offers shared usage helping to reduce administrative overhead expenses in the early stages of business development. Pictured: The center is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and participated in the Taste of Boynton Beach. Incubator clients are able to take advantaged of the wonderful marketing opportunity. This year, clients were part of the Kenetic Art Symposium (see video below) as one of the caterers for the VIP reception held at the Schoolhouse Children's Museum and Learning Center. 

SEE Incubator clients

An Urban Farming Project
Partnered with the University of Florida in 2009 through the PBC Extension Office, the urban farm provides fresh produce for the Veggie Mobile program, the chefs at the cafe, use in the nutrition education program, and the food pantry. The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) produce sales provide additional income for the centers programs.


Senior Veggie Mobile Program
Each week the center’s food pantry truck takes fresh and locally grown produce to our frail and elderly shut-ins in the “Heart of Boynton” area. It includes the bounty from the urban farm along with produce from gleaning programs and unsold green market produce purchased from local farmers. The program offers an opportunity for case managers to provide a friendly visit, check for signs of malnutrition and dehydration, provide additional assistance if needed, and offer healthy nutritious food options.

CCC's Green Market

CCC's premise in our Concept Paper, "Creating a Healthier Community Initiative" issued in 2007 is that the lack of access in low-income communities to healthy affordable sustainable food centers is one of the root causes of poverty. CCC's ultimate goal is to develop a community grocer offering healthy, affordable, and locally grown food to all.  

CCC's provides educational tours of the garden with our partnership with Taste History Culinary Tour and their sponsor, Macy's. 

The market is a teaching and training center offering classes in food preservation and product development, in addition to nutrition education and cooking classes. Adult nutrition education called “Easy Garden Gourmet” nutrition cooking classes. CCC conducted nine 6-weeks series of the Easy Garden Gourmet nutrition cooking classes, helping 90 men and women to reduce their sugar and salt intake by using locally grown fruits and vegetables, primarily from our own Urban Farming Project. Dr. Kehrig has also offered his services to assist low-income families with special diet request. He would provide his credentials to their physician, they would collaborate on any special menu required and supervise our providing it to them as an affordable rate as a personal chef. Several of our incubator clients have already switched to organic and free range meat. A team for the market has completed both our canning and drying classes through the PBC Extension Office and offers canning classes to the community once a month beginning on November and concluding in February as part of our food preservation program. Produce from the urban farm is used for the classes.

The market provides an opportunity to offer monthly an affordable and organic Meat, Fish and Produce Package Distribution Program. Using our restaurant license, we capture very good sales and work with various partners like Restaurant Depot and Cheney Bros. to help provide affordable options to our families. A typical month would offer 1lb of Bacon, 2.5 lb pork loin, 2 boneless skinless butterly chicken breast, 2 – 8 oz North Atlantic Wild Caught Salmon for $28 and produce for $6 includes salad items and seasonal vegetable. The organic meat and vegetable package includes free range, all natural, wild caught and organic for special needs groups. The expectation is that we can make it affordable, and still increase the nutritional value, while continuing to be eco-friendly on the environment. We had already started using all natural chicken and eggs last year. This year, all of our dairy products are organic and we are incorporating 100% grass fed beef into the market and for use in the food served at the café and the preparation by the chefs for the deli case. Many products on our shelves are organic from Bob’s Red Barn. The expansion of the market is a move to become completely organic. Many cancer survivors are now required to follow an all organic protocol. Our hope is to try to make it more affordable.