Community Caring Center of Greater Boynton Beach, Inc. 

   "Creating A Healthier Community" Initiative    

"Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress.  Working hard for something we love is called passion.  "Thank you !" to all of those passionate staff, volunteers, & committee members for your carinabout the work of the CCC

Children's Gardening & Nutrition Education

What we do........

CCC is a 501 c 3 organization created in 1987. It provides a unique approach to addressing root causes of poverty through an innovative integration of both a Social Service Department and an Economic Development Department:

Social Service Department

Emergency Food Pantry

An emergency food pantry, an affordable food distribution program, access to USDA food, application assistance for food stamps. The pantry is open 9 AM to 1 PM Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Congregations, business, individuals, and organizations contribute non-perishable food items to stock the pantry. Community service groups and individual residents in Boynton Beach also support the food pantry through financial contributions. Contributions and our Urban Farming Project help to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to clients. The pantry contains various ethnic foods and a kosher shelf to meet the needs of our diverse community. PANTRY FOOD WISH LIST

Financial Assistance
Assistance with on-line applications for prescription drug, Medicaid, and SSI benefits CCC may provide emergency financial assistance to an individual or a family once a year (as funds are available for rent and utilities). CCC may provide vouchers to the Medication Station for anyone who cannot afford to have a vital prescription filled and a voucher for 1-or 2-night stay if short term shelter is required. CCC is a platinum partner with the State of Florida. The center is an access site for on-line food stamp, SSI, Medicaid, & prescription drug assistance applications for the State of Florida and major pharmaceutical companies.

Senior Caregiving 
Faith in Action is a volunteer frail and elderly care giving program for low-income residents of the Heart of Boynton community. The center provides training programs for primary caregivers and volunteer caregivers. CCC’s Faith in Action Program recruits, trains, and supports caring volunteers to help their frail and elderly neighbors through friendly relationships. The assistance can be shopping, picking up medication, respite care, financial assessments and management, or taking a person to their doctor.

Economic Development Department

A Culinary Incubator program for small business development called the Secret Garden. The CCC d/b/a Secret Garden, a Culinary business development center is a unique 3,500 sq ft, catering facility that offers shared usage of a commercial kitchen and retail market space to “would-be” entrepreneurs and/or existing businesses. An incubator program provides a shared space to small businesses to practice their trade, and technical assistance in a nurturing atmosphere that assist small businesses develop, called incubator clients, to develop their business concept. Once clients become independent businesses they can become part of the Market Cooperative, a model that offers shared usage helping to reduce administrative overhead expenses in the early stages of business development. NEW! Sailfish Cafe, a retail outlet for our incubator clients! Menu

Nutrition Education for adults and children

Children's Gardening & Nutrition Education Program is a one day a week for 15-weeks, held in the fall and spring planting seasons. It is a CORE Value cirriculum providing children's classes on gardening and nurtition education.  It is a small attempt to change the course of the health of this next generation. The program provides nutrition information, classroom materials and teacher aides, hands on activities and field trips, one-on-one with a nutritionist, as well as, hunger relief, and advocacy. 

Also, nutrition education and cooking classes for adults through the Easy Garden Gourmet Cooking Classes or Food Preservation classes on using seasonal locally grown produce and preserving it through drying and canning processes helping to maintain healthy and affordable produce to be used at off-season times when produce is imported and much more costly and provides fewer nutrients.

An Urban Farming Project

Partnered with the University of Florida in 2009 through the PBC Extension Office, the urban farm provides fresh produce for the Veggie Mobile program, the chefs at the cafe, use in the nutrition education program, and the food pantry. 

Senior Veggie Mobile Program and Home Delivered Meals to Heart of Boynton Seniors

Each week the center’s NEW Veggie Mobile takes fresh and locally grown produce to our frail and elderly shut-ins in the “Heart of Boynton” area. It includes the bounty from the urban farm along with produce from gleaning programs and fresh produce purchased from local farmers. The program offers an opportunity for case managers to provide a friendly visit, check for signs of malnutrition and dehydration, provide additional assistance if needed, and offer healthy nutritious food options.