Community Caring Center of Greater Boynton Beach, Inc. 

    "Creating A Healthier Community" Initiative    

Secret Garden Buyer's Club NOW! offers Affordable Food Packages available monthly, see flyer... Choose from Family Size to Senior Packages, also for those that don't eat meat, there's a fish package


$25 Family Meat Box

3 lb chicken cut-up into 8 pieces

5 – 4 oz chicken legs 

2.5 lb center cut pork roast

4 - 6 oz center cut boneless pork chops

6 Angus chuck beef hamburger patties

4 – 8 oz wild caught salmon filets w/skin on

4 – 3-5 oz tilapia


$12 Senior Box

5 - 4 oz chicken legs

4 – 6 oz center cut pork chops

3 – Angus chuck beef hamburger patties

4 – 3-5 oz tilapia


$8 Fish Box

4 – 8 oz wild caught salmon filets w/skin on

4 – 3-5 oz tilapia

Also available...

$10 - Dairy Package includes 1 doz eggs, 1 gal whole milk, 1 lb butter


$10 - Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables  - varies each month for expample may include hand of bananas, 6 sweet potatoes, 1 head red cabbage, 2 tomatoes, 6 oranges


With the struggles in today’s economy, and the rising costs of food families struggle daily to provide their families with healthy meals at an affordable price. CCC monthly food packages provide locally grown produce, restaurant quality meats, and wild caught salmon which provides more nutrients and increases in-take of omega 3 oils, making our food packages stand out in increased nutritional quality while maintaining affordability, helping families stretch their food dollars. The awesome part of this program is it is literally for EVERYONE!

There is no prequalifying – no income limits – no paperwork!


GREAT AS A GIFT........This is also a great way to help any family!



Once a month, a menu is made available containing a variety of fresh, frozen, pre-packaged and seasonal food to choose from at a very low cost.


You then place your order online, or by mail, or in person at the CCC offices or at the market by the 15th of each month. Your food is then made available at the CCC Green Market for you to pick up on the last Saturday of each month. 

We are an EBT Merchant..... 

staff is available to see if you qualify for EBT assistance, pls call office to arrange for an appointment 561-364-9501.